Tacx Flow Smart connection issues

So here’s my issue: Every time I use Zwift with my Tacx Flow Smart trainer it all pairs just fine but once I will get into the ride, it will lose signal for power/cadence and controllable. I will not be able to reconnect once it loses connection and so have to end the ride. Sometimes it happens immediately and sometimes after about 5km.

It happens with any possible device. I have tried using bluetooth on just my PC, my Galaxy S10, wife’s iPhone, combo of PC plus Companion app. No success.

I then purchased a Tacx ANT+ Antenna and used just it and my PC but same thing. It seems solid when on the pairing screen but then once I start riding it craps out and never reconnects. I have tried it with any bluetooth devices nearby turned off just in case of interference as well.The antenna sits about 6 inches away from the trainer. On the pairing screen in Zwift the signal is stable but once again it drops once I am riding.

The trainer is brand new and actually was working well (with a couple small hiccups) with PC/Galaxy for the first week on Zwift, then just my wife could use it for a while with PC/ iPhone and now hers doesn’t work either.

The Tacx App works and calibrates fine so leads me to believe it’s an issue with Zwift.

Help please!

i have the exact same problem, same trainer and the problem is only in Zwift. do you have any solution???

What other cycling apps have you used it successfully with?

Because it started happening with other apps too I ended up bringing the trainer back to my LBS for warranty. Upgraded to a direct drive trainer and it’s been fine ever since.

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Trainer Road and the tacx utility.

I have exactly the same problem with my tacx flow smart trainer. Today, I tried 5 times before I finally succeeded.
Sometimes, it lost the connexion immediatly but it mainly happen when I speed up suddently.
Does somebody find an issue?

Try putting a fan on it to see if it is an overheating problem with the trainer.