Zwift losing signal

Im using the Tacx flow smart trainer with my Samsung S22 Ultra phone.
Sometimes it kicks me off saying no signal really early into a ride and other times it lets me do almost an hour.
I have turned off all the smart speakers ect in the room as ive seen somebody suggest.
I have connected the Tacx to the Tacx App to calibrate and ensure the latest software is running.
Im losing the plot with it.
Ive also checked Location is active in the App as somebody else suggested.

Any ideas before i sell the trainer and give up?

I have the same problem (lately after 6 months without a flaw) with a Saris M2 trainer attached to Zwift on Apple TV 4K. Also tried multiple options to tackle the issue, but without succes. It also occurs random so it is very hard to troubleshoot.

Have a look at the Zwift guide for troubleshooting and in particular the wireless interference section:

In addition to that, forcing wifi devices (like your phone wifi) onto the 5ghz frequency (only) will likely help too.

I agree, if it was always a problem then i could probably fault find and see what the issue is. Its so random i have no idea whats causing it.

I will have a read now.

On monday I gave it a try again. I’m using a mesh network (TP-Link Deco M9) at home and disabled the 2.4ghz option.

Result: No drops at all. Should this be the solution?

It shouldn’t be in reality but strange things happen sometimes.

First Zwift ride in two weeks. Updated Zwift AND the Apple TV. Shouldn’t have done that :rage:

Got dropped almost immediately. Reconnect, unplug trainer, disable bluetooth on al the devices, disable 2,4Ghz on the wifi. Nothing helped.

WTF is going here.?!?!?

After months of no problems on ANT+, running the same setup which is Samsung S10, speed sensor and no name trainer, after the last Zwift update i have had multiple (+10) signal drops in 2 rides over the last 2 days. Same place, same setup, literally no change apart from the update