Tacx Flow Smart connection

I’ve just spent nearly 4 hours trying to connect my Tacx Flow Smart via bluetooth on Apple TV, on my iPhone and finally trying on my MacBook Pro. All to no avail. None of Zwift apps on these devices ‘see’ my Tacx.

I have downloaded the Tacx app and it can connect - calibrated the wheel etc - no problem.

Any advice or tips please before I send the unit back?

Hi there. Bluetooth connections work on an exclusive basis - once a device is paired to an application etc then it disappears from the air and cannot be seen. This is the opposite to ANT+, where devices just broadcast into the air freely and any receiving device can see it at all times.

You’ve mentioned that you got the Tacx app working fine. There’s a good chance the trainer is still paired to that. Force close it and disable Bluetooth on your phone/tablet. Turn everything off, wait 15mins then try again with Zwift.

Make sure you disconnect the trainer from the Tacx app and any other device including your iPhone, ATV and MacBook before opening Zwift.

Thanks both I’ll try disconnecting the Tacx app. I’ll let you know how I get on

That worked. Thanks again.

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Just an update: After using the Tacx Flow Smart over the weekend and again this morning it is still dropping connection mid way through a ride. I have since read that there problems with it overheating. However I cannot even calibrate mine now through the Tacx app - doesn’t recognise my pedalling at all. I’m going send it back and will ask for a refund. It really is a terrible piece of kit.