Tacx Flow & Apple TV connection

Currently trying Zwift on the free trial but am having problems with connection. My trainer worked the first time I tried it & I was able to do the intro 25km ride. Every day since then Zwift just can’t connect to my trainer. I can connect to the trainer on other Bluetooth devices so I don’t think the trainer is the issue. The only devices in the room I using are the Apple TV box, the TV and the trainer so nothing anywhere near to interfere with the signal.


Any help greatly appreciated.



With Bluetooth you need to make sure that the trainer is not connected to any other device or app before starting Zwift on the ATV.

Thanks for the reply Paul. There are no there devices connected to the trainer. I’m about to give up on the Zwift experiment. I can see it’s very good when it works but the whole process really needs to be a bit more intuitive. 

You might need to power cycle the ATV. I would double check to make sure there are no device that the trainer is connected to.

Just to clarify, your trainer connects to Zwift, not the other way around.


Still not happening. Back to GCN for indoor training! Thanks for your help.

Hi Simon,

The most common problem is that your Bluetooth device is directly paired with the device you’re using, another device, or you have other software that is monopolizing the connection. We’ve written a guide for troubleshooting pairing problems with Bluetooth connections.

If you decide to give Zwift another try, I’d recommend double checking that you don’t have any other apps trying to connect to your Trainer, and if you do, please close the apps. For example, if you’ve got the Tacx app open and it’s communicating with your smart trainer, Zwift may have difficulty establishing a connection to your trainer.

If that isn’t helpful, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further troubleshoot this issue.