Won’t move

I have tacx flux trainer paired to an Apple TV. I also have a subscription. Issue is now when I pedal my rider will not move.

What exactly have you paired to Zwift?

Remain on the pairing screen after you have paired your sensors. If you start pedaling, you should see numbers increasing/changing. This will confirm that Zwift sees your sensors.

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Hi @Kris_Dowhaniuk welcome to Zwift forums.
I work at Zwift HQ and can see on your session logs that you’re using a Tacx Flux. The trainer’s power, trainer control, and cadence sensors appear to be connecting correctly via Bluetooth. Can you take a photo of the connection screen and let us see how that’s configured on your end?

AppleTV has a limit of 3 concurrent Bluetooth connections including the Apple TV remote. I trust you do not have any other Bluetooth things (earbuds, heart rate monitor) connected?

I’d also recommend you download the Tacx Utility app and see if there’s a firmware update available for your trainer. If it’s still on an old version, that may cause random problems like this.