Zwift connection issues

Ok so this is a weird one. So I recently got a tacx smart flow trainer for my bike and tried to connect it to zwift but It didn’t connect. I thought well maybe it needs a minute so I let it sit for about 10 minutes nothing so I get frustrated and download zwift on my phone. When I get on my phone the tacx connects instantly to zwift. So then i think maybe its my bluetooth on my macbook. So to make sure I download the tacx utility app on my mac to see if it is indeed my bluetooth but my tacx connects to the app with a few seconds. Now before anyone ask I’m 100% sure my tacx isn’t connected to anything else Ive turned my phone to airplane mode and deleted the tacx utility app off my mac. Also I tried reseting my bluetooth and even delete the zwift app all together and try to re download it. I could use the companion app because that works but when I use it, it lags way to much. So if anyone has exprienced this same problem let me know what you did.

What is your platform? PC, Mac, phone etc?

Macbook pro

So the Wahoo app running on your MacBook Pro connects to your trainer and your Zwift on your IPhone will connect to your trainer but your Zwift in your MacBook Pro will not. Is that correct?
When you get the pairing screen and you select power can you click on each box to see if your trainer shows up? Should be power, cadence and controllable.
Oh, and in the upper left corners the Bluetooth icon is on?

Yes my tacx utility app on my macbook connects to my trainer but zwift on my macbook does not connect to my trainer leading me to believe its a zwift problem not a bluetooth problem.

I’m guessing since I don’t have my MacBook in front of me, but in Settings > Security & Privacy > Bluetooth, what do you see? I don’t remember if Zwift needs to be in there for Bluetooth to work inside of Zwift.

Also, if any other app is connected to your trainer, Zwift will not see the trainer. So, be sure to close/quit all other apps.