I’m having trouble getting my Tacx neo 2T to connect to Zwift

Have tried everything I could find on the subject, including turning off Bluetooth on nearby devices. I also use the Tacx/Garmin app, which connects to the trainer with no problem. I disconnect the trainer from the Tacx app to avoid running that while trying to connect to Zwift. When I then try to pair, it just searches in perpetuity. I have even deleted and reinstalled the Zwift app this morning to no avail. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?

Hi @todd_fredrickson

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What device are you using for Zwift?

Hello and thanks for the reply. An apple MacBook Pro, as well as Zwift companion on my phone.

All tied to the Tacx neo 2T if that’s what you’re asking.

I am not a Apple user.

But let’s try.

When you installed Zwift did you agree to give Zwift all the permissions required.

Check that the trainer is not paired to the device it should only pair within the Zwift app.

Will go back and check the permissions. The trainer was not connected to computer when I checked that.

It all looks in order. I did notice that when it’s pairing with the TACX app, the Bluetooth light on my trainer is lit. There’s nothing when I try to pair the Power source on Zwift.

I’d double check the Bluetooth section inside Security & Privacy within System Preferences - check that Zwift as an app appears in there, otherwise add it.

Zwift can be a bit finicky with the permissions on Mac from my own experience.

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Thanks Chris. Followed you suggestion. The app was there, but the box was unchecked so I checked just like the tacx app was checked. Still nothing.

I’ve not tried this, but it might be worth deleting prefs.xml and knowndevices.xml from the Zwift folder in Documents, so you clear out all of your old device settings.

Other than that, reinstalling Zwift can often fix things seemingly spontaneously.


So followed your instructions again Chris and then restarted my Mac. That did the trick. Thanks to you and Gerrie for your help on a Saturday morning. Very much appreciated.

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Cool, glad you got it working! Ride on!

Ride on brother.

you are welcome.

This worked - many thanks!!