Problem pairing a Tacx Flux to Macbook pro

I’m having problems pairing Zwift on my macbook pro with my Tacx Flux.
I can connect via my iPhone and the ios app, so I know there’s an output from the Tacx, but using the iPhone is far too small for me when cycling.

I’ve ensured that bluetooth is off on my iphone when trying to connect to the Tacx, but nothing, and support won’t answer any of my emails :frowning:

I don’t have ANT+, only bluetooth.

Can anyone please help? It’s driving me mad.


Hey Mike! We would like to suggest trying out using the companion app as a bluetooth bridge for your trainer

here is a link that explains how<

If your still having issues pairing after going over this please submit a support ticket to us and we will dig into this issue!

We apologize for your other support ticket not being responded too.

This link is not working, and I am having the same problem with my Macbook. Would you please re-share?

hi, i’m having problem connecting my tacx neo 2t to my macbook as well… i tried pairing to my android phone and works fine, but my macbook wont detect the trainer when i try to zwift, how can i fix this?