Problems with IOS connection

Since yesterday, I am unable to connect with my Mac and TacX Flux. When pairing it shows connected but when beginning the ride their is no power, no cadence, rider does not move.
I have done all the recommended steps in the following article now 3 times

Any suggestions resolving the issue.
I’m running mac os sierra 10.12.6 with a tacx flux

Hi Colin,

What about ANT+? Have you tried pairing your Tacx Flux to Zwift on your Mac using an ANT+ dongle? You can find more information in the Zwift Support article, “What is an ANT+ dongle used for when Cycling on Zwift? Where can I get one?

It seems like you’ve found a good article for troubleshooting BLE issues specific to Macs, and if it hasn’t helped you to resolve the problem, our support team will need to examine your account and Zwift setup in more detail in order to further assist you. Please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so, and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

Why do I need to purchase an ant+ dongle when I’ve ridden zwift for over a year without it? This is a known problem your software has, maybe fix it. I tried again today to connect my mac, no connection, so maybe just best to try one of your competitors.

The ANT+ dongle is a suggestion, not a requirement.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using a Macbook and Bluetooth w/Zwift for a few months now w/out issues.

  • Have you tried using the Tacx app on your phone to connect via Bluetooth to your trainer and verify the trainer is working as expected?
  • Have you verified that the Bluetooth on your Mac is working fine w/other Bluetooth devices? If so, then it’s probably not your Mac.
  • Have you made sure to disconnect or even shutdown Bluetooth on your phone when trying to connect your Mac?
  • Have you verified the Flux has the latest firmware?
  • Perhaps try Zwift on your phone via Bluetooth to see if that works? If it does, then your trainer probably isn’t the problem.
  • Have you opened a support ticket as suggested?

If it worked great for a year, what changed? Did it break after a specific update? You say this is a known problem, care to share the details of said known problem.

Problem occurred after an update, firmware is updated, support ticket opened, and they sent me exactly the same information as 1 month ago. Blue tooth connects rider does not move. The problem is not with the bluetooth connection. I’ve recalibrated with the tacx software in the last 2 days and again made sure the firmware was updated. I originally only thought it was blue tooth connection but the primary problem is it shows I’m connected, but my rider does not move, I have no cadence and no power. I did a TacX workout today and no problem. I have reset my bluetooth module, emptied the files they’ve asked etc… This information is readily available on the Zwift site so it is a known problem.

I don’t know what support had you do to reset the module or what files to manipulate, but here is what I would do now that you have verified it works w/the Tacx software.

  • Throw Zwift in the garbage aka uninstall it.
  • Remove the Bluetooth .plist file.
  • Reset the Bluetooth module.
  • Empty the trash.
  • Reboot the Mac.
  • Reinstall Zwift.

If you are not that familiar w/all of the above, here is a similar problem w/a link for some extra guidance:


Also make sure the trainer is not connected to anything else. bluetooth can only link to one device at a time.
Do not pair the bluetooth in any other app only in the Zwift app.