Help: Can't connect Zwift to my Tacx Neo 2t

Hi - Has anyone on here had an issue connecting Zwift to a Tacx Neo 2t trainer? I picked up the trainer at the weekend and have spent hours trying everything to get it to connect via bluetooth. Randomly Zwift found the trainer last night so I was able to do one short ride, but I got up this morning and I’ve got the same problem again! Nothing I do makes any difference. I’ve tried on my Macbook and iPhone and neither work. Thanks for your help!

Hi @Nick_Dawe, welcome to the forum.

Plenty of Zwifters have a Neo 2T, so it should work unless there is a problem with the trainer?

Can you give us a full run down of your setup? What devices you use to run Zwift, how you connect (Bluetooth or ant+), other devices in use (companion app, power meters, head units, etc)…

It could just be signal interference? Lots of things can cause interference in your environment, try limiting other devices in the area that use 2.4ghz signals.

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Do you have the trainer connected to the Tacx App or to your phones Bluetooth?

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