Tacx Neo Bluetooth reliabilty

Thanks Zwift for getting the Bluetooth fixed for the Tacx trainers.    

However, I have noticed that my Neo, since the update, does not act correctly at intermittent times.     Zwift sees and then pairs immediately to my trainer with bluetooth when launching Zwift.   I then select what activity I’m going to do (workout or ride) and get on my merry way.   However, often times I’ll just sit on the side of the road and spin away and my avatar refuses to budge or the trainer get any resistance.   If I keep this up for a while (sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes) things will generally kick in and the trainer and avatar will start to respond.   

If I instead pair the trainer and Zwift with Ant+ I have no issues at all.  

I think I will just continue to use the unit always in Ant+ mode since my HR monitor is also Ant+ only.    But, I do wonder if others are experiencing somthing similar? 




I just started on Zwift yesterday with my Neo, yesterday everything went well, but today, I paired and everything seemed OK, then I start pedaling, I got movement for about 15-20 seconds then I ended parked on the side and after a few minutes of wait I decided to take everything dpwn and start from zero, everything paired and sure enough started pedaling and same thing happened. It could be good to note my tablet never showede any data on power or speed even when the avatar was moving. only thing I could see on the tablet was heart rate. I don’t have a Ant+ setup so I can’t say if this would fix my issue.


edit: I just realized I updated my Neo firmware to lates version before the ride today, yesterday I was running on out of the box version… might be a Neo issue)

Hi Yanick,

Are you currently not able to ride then?  Or, does a reboot or relaunch help?

For me Bluetooth is “hit or miss” where Ant + always seems to work fine. 


I was not able to ride yesterday no. I’ll try again either tonight or tomorrow.