Tacx Neo 2T - bluetooth dying?

For the past six weeks I have enjoyed countless miles of riding bliss on my new Tacx Neo 2T. Then suddenly, two nights ago, things started going south. My Zwift rides would intermittently pause and the avatar would stop pedaling - and then resume. This would progress to a full stop while still pedaling at the same pace and ultimately end with Zwift crashing.

Making a long story short, the same problem exists with the Tacx training program and is recapitulated if I use my iPad rather than PC for the training session (in Zwift). It seems to be limited to the trainer, which pops in and out of the bluetooth connection if I monitor with the Tacx training program, whether riding or not. Oddly, the HRM has been unaffected, so I don’t think it’s BT interference.

While I peruse here and expand elsewhere on the internet, I’ll be happy to entertain any ideas for a fix - or even a workaround - so I can get this thing to limp through a few workouts over the holiday weekend and my next opportunity to connect with Garmin support.

Have you tried using ANT+ via dongle on your PC, i find that it suffers much less from dropouts and othe r issues?

I haven’t, but thank you for reading and asking.

With respect to the above issues, I discovered that the Tacx firmware wasn’t up to date. I had naively assumed that if I used the Tacx Desktop Application for training purposes that it would automatically monitor device firmware and update as needed. Only when I encountered this “new” problem did I discover that there is a separate utility app that must be used to monitor firmware - and that my firmware was horribly outdated. After a version 26 to 36 upgrade, I was able to enjoy 20+ miles of error free riding last night.

I will presume that when Zwift implemented the latest update, it integrated codes that were missing from the “old” firmware and were properly introduced with the new firmware.

Regardless of the above, the Ant+ option is intriguing to me. Of all my bike “computer” hardware, the most reliable are my Assioma pedals - which are also the only set that communicates via Ant+. Switching over may also address the remaining issue - poor connection performance of my Garmin dual HRM that is constantly dropping the BT signal. Will an Ant+ dongle communicate with numerous devices simultaneously, or do I need a separate dongle for each device?

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Yes, a single ANT+ dongle will connect with multiple ANT+ devicws simultaneously. Try and get the dongle as close to your devices as you reasonably can. Some people use a USB extension cable for this purpose.

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