Zwift not recognizing Tacx Neo

My TacX Neo previously worked well with Zwift.

Now Zwift does not recognize the device via Bluetooth. It can connect and work via ANT+.

The TacX Neo connects by Bluetooth to my two laptops as well as my Nexus 6P, which can read power/speed via the TacX Utility App.

It seems to be an issue isolated to TacX Neo connecting to Zwift via Bluetooth. 

Can you please help solve the problem?

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Without seeing your logs, I can’t say for sure, but it sounds like you’re pairing your trainer directly to a lot of different devices, which could be causing problems. Zwift needs your trainer to be completely unpaired from all other devices and software in order to detect it.

Unpair it from your laptops and phone, and completely close the Tacx Utility App, then try again following the Bluetooth pairing instructions. If you’re still having problems, send us your logs via ticket, and we can take a closer look.


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I am unable to connect Zwift to my new Tacx Neo. Using tacx’s Training app and utility app I can connect without issue. Please advise what I need to do get Zwift connected.

I saw the same with my new Tacx Neo.  Fully upgraded the Neo’s firmware.  The Neo doesn’t recognize Zwift on my phone as a Bluetooth device - the Bluetooth indicator on the Neo doesn’t light.  As soon as I launch the Tacx app, Bluetooth lights right up on the Neo.  The Neo can also pair to my cyclometer via Bluetooth - so it seems only pairing to the Zwift Android app is a problem.

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On my iPad I simply closed the Tacx Utility app and it appeared. I would close all other apps and try to connect again.

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Can you even connect the Tacx Neo Smart to a Windows PC with built in Bluetooth? When I select “POWER SOURCE” no device is found, also the ANT+ and Bluetooth symbols in the top left have exclamation marks on them. I can connect to my smart trainer via the mobile app but who would want to use this on a 5" screen?


No, you cannot connect your trainer to a PC by using the built in Bluetooth, you would need to use the Zwift Mobile Link to bridge the signal.

A better option would be to use an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension in your PC.

I’m going with “no” on that Brad.  I couldn’t find anything in Tacx’s documentation that said anything other than ANT+ for connecting to a computer.  For my part, Zwift on my computer definitely sees my phone running Zwift Mobile Link.  The Tacx doesn’t appear to recognize that Zwift Mobile link is asking for a Bluetooth connection - the Bluetooth indicator on the trainer never lights up for me.  I have a Lezyne GPS bike computer, which in my experience does a terrible job with Bluetooth, and even it can connect to the Tacx.  So can Tacx’s apps on Android, no problem.

I picked up a $15 ANT+ dongle for my computer, and that solved it for me.  Frustrating, but at least there’s a solution that works.  I find the Mobile Link app works fine as a remote control for Zwift, if not for much of anything else.

I have to say that while I love my new tacx + zwift combination (I purchased it all a couple of weeks ago) I’m thinking about returning the trainer and canceling my zwift subscription. These kind of issues are super frustrating. Constant non-pairing issues both on mac and pc, dropped signals, etc. I spend 45 minutes trying to get it to pair today and was not able to work out at all. I bought an ant receiver this week, I really hope it works.