Apple TV no Longer connecting to smart trainer

Hi I used Zwift on Sunday and it worked fine I tried to use it Monday and my Apple TV 4K will no longer find my trainer I have performed a reset on the Apple TV and the problem continues.
I use a elite digital smart B+ trainer and Apple TV 4K

If I run Zwift on my iPhone it finds the trainer fine

Bluetooth remote is still working fine

Any ideas please help


It sounds like your trainer might still be paired to your phone. Make sure that you force-quit the Zwift app on your phone and see if that helps. If not, make sure no other Bluetooth devices are paired to your ATV, as you can only connect two additional devices beyond the remote.

Hi I’ve tried it with another Apple TV and works fine
Apple TV not showing any other devices :thinking:

Hmmm OK Is the trainer still connected to that second ATV, by any chance?

It failed to work with my ATV so tested it on my iPhone then the second ATV to see if it was the trainer or the ATV that has the issue.

Ensure NO OTHER DEVICES have your smart trainer paired to them.

To be clear: delete/remove the trainer as a paired Bluetooth device from every other phone, ATV, tablet, everything. This includes apps (like Elite’s utility app) - you may have to go into those independently from the device BLE pairing setting to remove the trainer.

Then see if the trainer is visible on the ATV you want it on.