Zwift no longer connecting directly with Bluetooth Trainers

My setup is Zwift on Apple TV using an Elite Direto - the Direto has been connected directly to Apple TV/Zwift for the past year without a problem. As of tonight when i go into Zwift on Apple TV, it will only allow me to connect up via the companion app rather than directly which is driving me crazy! Even when i switch off my Android phone, it still expects the companion app and as a result has the warning symbol next to the Bluetooth/Mobile icon in the top left of the pairing screen.

Any reason why this is now happening and is there a way to return things to normal? If i run Zwift on my android then i can connect directly to the trainer. I was thinking that somehow my phone had hijacked the trainer bluetooth signal as i had installed qdomyos-zwift in an effort to connect my treadmill upto zwift.

Does Apple TV somehow retain the bluetooth connections and has somehow booted the Direto out somehow? I only had the trainer and remote hooked up as far as i know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!