IPad App not finding Tacx Flow Trainer? What can I be doing wrong?

Hi everyone,

I’m Tim and I’m new to this. I’ve never owned a trainer before, but after seeing a few Zwift reviews I though it looked great, so purchase a Tacx Flow smart trainer to enable me to get involved.

I am now having issues connecting the Trainer to the IPad app? The app searches, but doesn’t find my trainer. Is this a common issue? The trainer’s bluetooth is working, as I have used it with the Tacx app with no problems. (It was disconnected from this prior to connecting to Zwift)

If anyone could shed any light on what I could possibly be doing wrong, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Do you have the trainer disconnected from the iPad itself?

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Yes, I believe so. However I will double check this when I get home. Thanks for the quick response Paul.

Just an FYI, you need to make sure the trainer is not connected to any app (just close Tacx app) or devices (including iPad, iPhone or other) before starting the Zwift app, Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time.

Thanks. I’m sure I had disconnected everything, however now you have me questioning myself! I will double check tonight.

Thanks again.

Sorted. I’m an idiot. After I disconnected everything from the iPad Bluetooth, I was searching for for a speed sensor, not a power source. :roll_eyes:

I’ll get my coat.

PS. Very much enjoyed my first ride! :mountain_biking_man: