Bluetooth issue on ipad9

Hi there
I am using tacx. Flux s trainer but can’t connect to my iPad 9,iOS 15 via bluetooth,but it works well on ROUVY ,tacx training app ,and on my Samsung mobile phone android 11 by bluetooth ,Zwift version is the latest version ,can someone help me on this ?I was able to connect tacx flux s last week, thanks .

Hi @Linus_Hung, welcome to the forums.

Please make sure that your iPad is not connecting to the trainer via native bluetooth, you may need to go into the settings and “forget” the trainer. Then start up Zwift and it should find it. It would be best if you shut down the iPad and restarted it too just to clear out any open apps that might be trying to compete for the signal from the trainer.

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thanks for you quick responce Mike,
actually I am not connect my trainer by native Bluetooth in advance ,also I had uninstall/install and turnoff/on the iPad for several times ,but it always fail even reset the iPad complete,
at the same time, there is no device to be found or forget in the setting in my iPad, so there is nothing I can do , but the device appear once connect with rouvy or tacx app, but the setting is unforgettable, by disconnecting the Bluetooth in the those ,the device is gone forever in iPad .
is there anything I can do here please ?


Sorry, I don’t use an iPad so I’m not sure what else might be going on. Maybe permissions in the app settings? Does Zwift have permission to use “location” or bluetooth?

Something is either stealing the signal first so Zwift can’t see it, or the app is being blocked from accessing bluetooth.

You might be able to use the companion app to bridge the signal as well, if you have a phone on the same wifi network as the iPad.

Thanks mike for your suggestion,I will try that