Trouble connecting to Tacx

I bought a Tacx trainer yesterday. My husband and I both have Zwift accounts. His iPads connects (he used the trainer first). Mine won’t connect.
Any idea why not? His Bluetooth was turned off when I tried to connect. I’m not connected to anything else using my iPad. My iPad is only a year or so old.
Thanks in advance.

What are the lights on it doing? see

When my husband connects, the blue Bluetooth light comes on. Not for me though.

My iPad isn’t seeing the bike.

is your ipad up to date in terms of ios software and zwift software? Have you accidentally turned bluetooth off on the ipad? Hve you ever had the ipad connect to anything via bluetooth (e.g. headphones)?

Hi Ben
All good questions, but I’ve done all that. Powered on and off. It connects to my Bose headphones. Bluetooth was on - although I also toggled it on and off.
I’m stumped.
I can log into my account using my husband’s ipad. Just not mine.

Hi Ben
I deleted and re-downloaded the zwift app and it worked straight away.
Thanks for your help.

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