Powermeter/smart trainer/cadence sensor issues

(Chris Holton) #1

I have assimoa pedals, Tacx neo and flux and separate cadence sensors among other things (I know - what can I say, I like bikes and tech!)

What I have noticed is that if my pedals connect first the smart trainer power will not then work (it was stuck on 187 watts today no matter what power I was actually doing) and if the neo or flux connects then it has to connect everything (smart trainer, power and cadence) and nothing else will pair correctly.

Does anyone else have similar issues? Not 100% sure I explained that too well!

(Henk de Beer) #2

Yes, similar thing here with Powertap P1 pedals and Tacx Vortex.
I have not yet tried the latest update (released today) to the app though, to see if there has been any changes - bronchitis says no.

(Vincent W.) #3

Hey Chris, thanks for the heads up! When you pair the Neo or Flux first are you even able to see the Assioma pedals in the pairing screen?

(Chris Holton) #4

yeah, but the power source will pair but then go straight to no signal and the cadence will either do the same or just display 0 even when pedalling.

it would be good to pair a separate cadence sensor as the cadence on the flux is very dodgy (probably due to my far from perfect pedalling!!)