Smart trainer plus power meter

Hi, I have a Tacx Neo and I recently bought Garmin vecto 3 pedals. Can you tell me if it’s possible to pull the power meter reading from the pedals as opposed to the smart trainer onto the Zwift screen for both ERG and open rides?

Should not be an issue, just pair the pedals as a power source and the trainer as controllable. 

Ok that would be ideal. I’ll try it when they arrive.


It gives some pretty weird readings. I have the same set up and have gone back to using the Neo only for the data. It also caused bone to run out of connections on the Apple TV. 

I’m running it off my desktop pc so I’ll see what the readings go like

I ran a neo trainer and quarq power source.  Worked fine. As it happens I sweated so much it drowned the quarq, so I’m now on neo power source, but the quarq provides cadence.  

Using the garmin has the advantage that you’re consistent with IRL readings. Whilst the neo and the garmin in theory should be giving the same readings within 2% then you may as well have that being 0% difference.  

Every now and again then it could be worth recording both channels and comparing so that you can confirm that both are still well calibrated and stable.  Just as a check. 

Thais Duncan. I actually bought the Favero Assioma pedals however my watts both outdoors and indoors was up by 50watts against expectations and also my smart trainer so I’m waiting for an alternative to arrive