Smart trainer with power pedals

I have a Smart trainer from Kinetic that I have been using with zwift and I just recently bought a pair of Favero Assioma pedals. I am trying to think of what should pair with what.

Should I use the trainer for power and Favero for cadence or use favero for power/cadence? Either way, the smart trainer is the controller, so i am not worried about that part.

I would use the Faveros as the power source, and also as the cadence source.
The controllable trainer remains the Kinetic turbo.

The ERG won’t be as smooth, but you’ll have accurate power data that is also replicated on your outside rides.

Yes,use favero as power and cadence,dont be suprised if the powerreadings is far less than what you are used to as wheel on trainer accuracy sucks, i lost 50-60watts when i got my faveros! they have been working great.

i’m using a kinetic R&R control with garmin V3 power ( left only) power pedals.
I find the opposite using Trainer Road, the pedals show 20W or so ( non linear) on the ramp test.

need to set at -22W offset

Thanks for the all the responses. I did a ride this morning that used the pedals for power and cadence. My Edge 520, Zwift companion app, and zwift(laptop). All had different power readings but were never more than ~5 off of each other. I forgot to check on if I am using a 5 sec average, 3 sec average, or instant power readings. If all 3 are different it makes sense if they are reporting different things.

Penski - I definitely noticed the power not being as smooth. The graph at the bottom of zwift looked like I was having a heart attack versus when the trainer controlled power is was very smooth.

The only struggle was that it wanted me to keep a 90-100 cadence but then would yell at me to reduce power.

Glad you got it up and running. I run a similar set up but with different gear - A Stages power meter connected to a Tacx Vortex Smart trainer.

In 2017 I had this ultimately ego shattering idea of running them side by side and to my horror, despair and impending depression, discovered that 250W on the Vortex was 200W on the Stages power meter.

Now I run the Stages as the power source, but it can take up to 20secs for the trainer to adjust to a new power target in ERG mode which is especially noticeable during workouts and shorter intervals. Sometimes 20 seconds of a 30 second interval will have gone before the trainer is able to match the power :frowning:

Unfortunately none of the big reviewers test how quick power matching is across various trainers, so I don’t think manufacturers will ever look to improve the situation.

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Similar here. I started with a Tacx Genius, then Brough a 4iii meter for outside. The next winter season I used Zwift with the 4iii as power source and the Tacx as controlled trainer. FTP dropped by 30W… But the power figures feel much more reliable and realistic.

I use a Tacx Vortex trainer with power2max power meter. Already having the power meter makes this a cheap way to get accurate power data, I really wouldn’t trust power from wheel on trainer based on what i’ve experienced. Overall it works really well but on short intervals on ERG mode I takes up to 30 seconds for resistance to ramp up & the interval can be almost over by then.

hello guys thanks for the posts can someone technical advise from ZWIFT. I use the Faveros also dual pedals First Zwift Session today when it asked to synch i had to options for my pedals Assuming one was left and one was right and my power compared to my Garmin which uses both pedals was 50% so the zwift system was only reading 50% of my power. When I use my garmin head unit my power is 100% accurate ie it reads the sum of left and right. Can someone help with this issue please? thanks in advance Andre Obradovic