When Assioma pedals paired Neo2t cadence not working

When I pair (bluetooth) my assioma pedals to zwift as the power source my Neo2t trainer cadence shows 1 RPM on the pairing screen. In game the neo2t cadence stays stuck on 1 RPM. When I pair the Neo2t as the power source (and the Neo 2T as the cadence and controllable device) all problems go away.

What gives? Any ideas

Also, do most people pair their trainer as all three (power, cadence, and controllable) or are those with power meters pairing the power meter as the power source and the trainer for cadence and controllable.

All firmware on Zwift, Neo2T, and Assioma are current.

Why don’t you pair the pedals as cadence?

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I tried to connect the pedals as both power and cadence and they don’t show wattage or RPM. They also very quickly disconnect.

That is strange that is how I connect mine for some rides. Mostly I use trainer for power and controllable an the pedals for cadence.

I’m having the same setup and all is working fine, except in my situation all is paired with ANT+. I would always recommend to pair using ANT+ over BLE, far more stable and reliable

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I noticed this too. I paired my assioma duo pedals as a power source and my Tacx neo as cadence and trainer. Zwift did not like that. My avatar was just floating. To fix it I just used the cadence from my assioma duos and solely used the neo as a trainer connection.

This was all done via BLE on my Apple TV.

Hi @michael_challoner

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!

As the others have stated, it seems that the most popular configuration when using a power match setup (e.g. Assioma power meter paired to measure watts, and Neo 2T trainer for resistance) is to pair the Assioma pedals for both power and cadence, while the Neo 2T is only paired for resistance (e.g. Controllable).

Since it sounds like you’re getting disconnects/dropouts when pairing the Assioma power meter for power and cadence, that seems to me is the main issue. If so, the first thing I’d suggest you do is go through everything in this article, which may help you troubleshoot any possible wireless signal interference.

Also, when using BLE pairing, sometimes you have to use a very specific pairing order so that your devices stay paired. It basically has to do with the way the devices broadcast their pairing characteristics, and the efforts Zwift’s developers have made to bring all BLE pairing in line with standard signal handling protocol.

To pair your devices, you would be advised to use the following method:

  1. Pair the Tacx Neo 2T as “Power Source” and “Cadence”.
  2. Pair the Tacx Neo 2T as “Controllable”
  3. UNPAIR the Tacx Neo 2T as “Power Source” and “Cadence”.
  4. Pair the Assioma power meter as “Power Source” and “Cadence”.

As I understand how things currently function in Zwift, if you’re following the aforementioned steps, it should (in theory) result in your smart trainer remaining paired as “Controllable” when the power meter is paired as the “Power Source” and “Cadence”.

Hope that helps!