Favero Assioma Cadence Support


I installed Assioma Duo pedals onto my bike today and was excited to ditch my Wahoo cadence sensor for zwift. Unfortunately, I seem unable to get Zwift to recognize the pedals as a cadence source. When I connect the left master as my power device, zwift is unable to additionally pair it as a cadence device.

I noticed that on my wahoo elemnt bolt that the assioma just shows up as a power source but also supplies cadence data to the head unit. I have a feeling that zwift, or at least the zwift android beta, does not support the assioma in this capacity. If it does not, is this a planned enhancement for a future release?

if you spin the pedals (forwards) when searching for the cadence sensor it’ll show up.

it will go to no signal once you stop but when you start in game it will work.

I have these pedals too.

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your response. I’ll give that a try when I get home today.

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