Cadence equipment question

I use my Wahoo smart trainer as my power source but have a Favero Assioma power meter on the bike. I would like to use the Assioma cadence function while maintaining the trainer as the power source. The Assioma is a Zwift supported device but when I attempt to pair a cadence sensor it doesn’t show up as an option. It does display as a power option. Anyone know if and how I can set this up?

I think you need to use the pedals as power to use them for cadence. I twill test tomorrow.

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Thanks, Gerrie. I figured such was the case but being new to Zwift I figured I’d ask. FWIW, TrainerRoad lets me use them for cadence only.

I appreciate any information you come across in your ride today.



I tested it and I paired my trainer as power and controllable and my power pedals as cadence

EDIT: This won’t work with only bluetooth, bluetooth can only link to one sensor.


So I am just tech savvy enough to be a danger to my devices…

I have both Ant+ and Bluetooth capabilities. Any recommendations as to how I might sort this out? Does the Zwift Companion option allow for connecting multiple devices? :confused:

I can get this option but not sure it’s ideal since I use the trainer in erg mode.

So, I apologize for blowing up this feed with replies to you but your help is sincerely appreciated.
I paired devices as shown in the screen grab above but when I went to choose a route and workout…and ensured erg mode was selected, I got this setup instead. I’ll try it today and see if it works.

Thank you again, Sir.