Garmin Vector for cadence along with wahoo trainer

My zwift is paired with my Wahoo trainer but does not give me cadence so I am trying to get my garmin vector pedals paired up and Zwift does not see them. Can I not have the two paired at the same time? 

Hi Brent

For a short while I had my PT1 pedals configured with a Wahoo trainer. The set up differed from yours in that I had both power and cadence being read from the pedals with Zwift controlling the trainer.

It may be worth, as an experiment, to try my set up and see if it works the same. If the cadence then disappears when re-pairing the trainer for the power-source it may give an indication as to whether it is possible to use just the pedal-based cadence.

As an aside, I now use a Garmin ANT+ cadence sensor.

Thanks paul.  

Vector are ANT+ only, so you’ll need to make sure you’re using a dongle to connect your pedals as a cadence sensor.