Connecting Vector 3 using ANT+ possible?

Has anyone had luck connecting Garmin Vector 3 pedals to Zwift using ANT+?

I run Zwift on a MacBook Pro. My ANT dongle can connect my heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, Tacx Neo 2T trainer both as a power source and as a controllable device without any issues. However, my Vector 3 pedals only shows up as a Bluethooth device; I cannot get it to connect to Zwift using ANT+.

The pedals connect to my fēnix 5X as an ANT device without any issues.

Any ideas on if connecting the Vector 3 pedals as an ANT power source is possible?

Thank you!

Yes. I did just that (before returning them due to repeat disconnects mid ride…)

That was on a PC, but I see no reason this shouldn’t work on a MAC.

Huh. I wonder why I could not do it. :frowning:

Just a small clarification: I wasn’t using a smart trainer then (but I don’t see why it would make a difference…)


I had unpaired the trainer entirely (as power source and controllable device) and still I could not get the Vector 3 to appear as an ANT device in Zwift.

I even tried with two different ANT dongles. :confused:

just an idea… can you borrow someone’s PC and give it a try?

No I do not think so, especially with social distancing measures going on right now.

Since I have your attention—does your Vector 3 numbers fluctuate this much relative to the Neo 2T numbers? Here is the Zwift Power analysis file:

Hmmm… I am no expert wrt power meters (try DC Rainmaker or @Shane_Miller_GPLama), but I would say the vector 3 output has a lot of noise, as well as what appears to be disconnects. As far as I remember, the Vector has no built-in smoothing, so noisy output is to be expected. The “dead” periods are inline with what I was experiencing, although the root cause being similar may only exist in my imagination.

I have no experience with the Neo (2T or other…) but the measured power output seem to have been smoothed.

So, yes. the Vector 3 output seems in line with what my past experience.

Thank you, B!

Anecdotally my friend’s Vector 3 pedals seem to spit out smoother numbers though. And while I am riding, without any conscious effort to change my power, the reading change jump 30 to 50 watts. That is quite a bit, especially with me weighing 64kg!

How are you trying to pair the pedals? Are you pedalling then to wake them up before trying to pair?

Vector 3 does Bluetooth too so you should be able to pair them like that (as long as you unpair them from any other device that’s on).

I can pair the pedals to my fēnix 5X via ANT.

What I had done was pairing the pedals to my watch first using ANT then try to pair them with Zwift. Bluetooth was an option, I cannot pair to them to Zwift via ANT.

I have heard about the Bluetooth dropping issues which is why I wanted Zwift to also pair via ANT.

Only suggestion I would have is put the computer and bike even closer and turn the pedals.

I can’t imagine what it would be.