Garmin vector 3s pedals

Hi , needing help regarding my vector3s pedals . using my laptop with ant+ but it wont find my pedals when i pair up , it will only find my taxc flow . I have switched my flow off but it still doesnt find them . I f switch my bluetooth on my iphone it with find them ( dont have both running at the same time ). Does anyone else use them in the same way ?

Make sure you ha e Garmin Connect totally closed.

Did so and have done since , still doesn’t pick up

Have you tried different USB ports for the ANT+ dongle.

yes and still nothing

Any way you couldn’t test the ANT+ dongle in another computer? There is a chance that the dongle is defective.

Dongle is fine , have been on zwift for 5 months . It’s just since I got my pedals that I have the problem, still finds my tacx.

Hi Tony,
not sure if I can help but when I set up I make sure all bluetooth equipment is off
including laptop to ensure my powermeter connects to Ant+. I find otherwise
bluetooth seems to take priority. I’m guessing that if the Garmin pedals wake up and find any bluetooth to hook up to they switch to bluetooth only and possibly switch off the Ant+ signal.

You can also unpair the Tacx flow from Zwift which may help.

I’m guessing that you have an Ant+ headset that the pedals can hook up with to
prove the pedals are ok?

Hope this is of some use. Sorry if its not.


Thanks Troy ,

Have done everything you mentioned. When on zwift my Bluetooth symbol keeps flashing as if it’s using it but blueish off on my laptop, can’t even go to zpower for finding it .

I have used the two sided vector pedals and the only issue I have had was conflict with my android phone which was turned on because i tended to use the zwift app for messages etc whilst riding. This stopped them connecting to the laptop. They will connect with the first thing they see.

I also do the set up ie laptop with ant+ and companion open in my iPhone just so I can use it whilst racing . Have had massive dropouts and spikes , was riding at 111w and I unlocked the 1000+ watt on zwift :scream:
Will try it again without companion open . If you were using a laptop with ant+ was your Bluetooth open on the laptop?

Hi Troy ,
I am going to try this again because I think you could be right . I hadn’t disabled my Bluetooth correctly on my laptop but I know how to know :+1::crossed_fingers: