Ant+ dongle possibly going bad

Recently my Avatar would slow down and stop pedaling while I was still actually pedaling. Also it seemed my watts didn’t seem right with the speed I was pedaling. It always started back up pretty quickly. I updated the firmware on my Magnus trainer and it doesn’t really act like a broadband problem Today I guessed maybe it was dongle going bad. I tried unplugging my Garmin dongle and wiping it down, when I put it back in couldn’t get it to pair. I did this in game which probably wasn’t too good. I put in an older cycleplus dongle I had. It seemed better but I didn’t ride enough to give it a true test. Does anyone thoughts on this. Also what are the best dongles for Zwift.

I use a basic cheap Chinese one and never had an issue. I’ve always used an extension lead to bring it closer to the trainer as distance can be problematic with Ant+

Find your log file and drop it into the zwiftalizer website. It shows you the ANT+ connectivity and whether you’re dropping the connection.

zwiftalizer dot com/

Also make sure your WiFi connection is not using channel 10 as that’s the same frequency as ANT+ and interference can cause problems.

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Not sure which log file to use. I tried the latest one but the analizer couldn’t read it. The one I could get read said no performance data available. Could someone help out an old dummy.

I really am a dummy, when I did the files on my laptop instead figured files and analyzer out no problem. DUH! Anyway I do have ant dropouts. I moved my wifi extender to another outlet and out of line of sight, also moved an echo dot away from laptop (wondering if this was the culprit), trying a different usb port and not using a cord. The dongle would be about 4/5 ft from trainer. Also shut off usb selectivity. Hoping one of these things helps. If anyone has anymore suggestions I would appreciate it. Daz thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated.

Your changes all sound good. Fingers crossed!

Rode today and then checked the file. Only paired one time so all is good for now. Thanks for the reply.