Zwift lost signal then swicht just off

I face the same trouble more and more often.
The app loses often sensors signal after around 75/85 mn.
Until now I switched off/on ANT+, disconnect sensors and reconnect in the app page and ride further.
This morning I started my brand new Mac, HT and App 4 times before ERG was OK, after 15 mn only signals lost and when I tried to disconnect the controller the app just closed off.
It happened already and it’s annoying that’s changing day to day.
But for the first time no training at all today :frowning:
I add a cable to set the ANT+ key close to Elite Direto XR HT
My RAM memory is ok never over 6,2 Go (8 available)
If some one could help it would be great

That sounds like a classic distance issue. When you say you bought a cable, how close to your trainter is the Ant+ dongle?

Thanks for helping
5 to10 cm ont more

I wonder if there’s an overheating issue going on here, perhaps in the dongle itself.

What make/model of dongle is it? Some seem moee reliable than others, according to reports.

Another possibility is a faulty USB cable.

Could be either. It looks to be one of those small footprint dongles, there are cheap ones but then the Garmin one is similar.

My experience of faulty cables is they either work or they don’t but again I wouldn’t rule that out.

Can you run one of your faulty rides through Zwiftalizer and post the results here?

I don’t know zwiftalizer, I will Check
Dongle overheating from the beginning on, I’m not convinced
About the cable it should work or not, I guess.
Not just sometimes stopped and back ok
I’ m sad to have to turn myself IT manager to ride

Some comments on your dongle placement.

  1. put it in a plastic bag, sweat kill these things.
  2. move it to the bike skewer lever.
  3. Don’t let it touch any metal. The plastic bag will help with that too.


Thanks for this trick :wink:
Inbetween I update Mac version and tried again the training session and it has worked.

It’s curious.

I will follow your advise.


Frédéric Hérault