Zwift ANT issues

Hi all,

I’ve been Zwifting for 3 years now on my macbook without any issues but recently, I’m encoutering more and more issues during startup.
One of the things is that after connecting my sensors to my ANT+ adapter, I suddenly get for all sesnors the message “no signal”. Never had this issue before. I can fix it by disconnecting the sensors, replug the adapter and reconnect. However sometimes the issues come back again during startup and yesterday, I also suddenly got the issue during a race.
I’m not sure if this has anything to do with connectivity since all sensors (HR, power, cadence) are affected and I haven’t changed my Zwift setup for the last two years.
On Zwiftalizer, I see some re-pairing attempts during my activity but I dont see anything happening at the moment all my sensors were lost. Although it did give the message below, I dont see a major difference between my rides in general…
Any suggestion what could lead to this sudden connection loss?

Yikes! Your ANT+ device signal was up and down like a fiddler’s elbow. Your environment is the most likely cause. Work through the recommendations below changing one thing at a time.

Maybe Your ant+ dongle is dying.

Indeed, that’s also something that could be wrong…

Exactly same issue here. Dedicated zwift PC. Hardly any issues over last 3 years and today after applying zwift update. Windows pc latest os.

Ant dongle on cable near trainer as always. Ant signal fine and stable to my fr935 from HRM, quarq and hr.

Odd thing is that after riding and getting nowhere as the sensors dropped out, after 10s stopped then the bike speed of at the 300w I had been doing. So there’s some coding plug issue there.