Connected but no signal ANT+ mac


I am using Zwift on a MacBook air with the Garmin ant+ stick through a USB dongle. I am running Mac OSX 10.15.1 (19B88) and the latest Zwift version.

Every time I start up Zwift I can connect all my sensors (speed, cadence, heart rate). But then within a matter of minutes, they all say “No signal”.

I read a lot of support articles having similar issues but none of them solved it for me. So far I have.

  • Turned off my Garmin forerunner 945, I figured this might conflict with the ANT+ stick.
  • Reinstalled Zwift and restarted my computer
  • Reinstalled Zwift, deleted all Zwift files and restarted computer
  • Switched my wifi network to start broadcasting over channel 6. I read somewhere channel 9 to 12 might conflict with the ant+ channels


  • Also replaced the batteries in my sensors (did not fix the issue)

Any help would be much appreciated, as I am about to give up and look into other tools like trainer road.


Try a different USB port on your laptop?
Use a USB extension cable to get the dongle closer to your sensors?


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Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately tried that already.

I just confirmed all sensors are working normally by using a different laptop.
My latest guess is that it has something to do with the USB C adapter I am using.

What brand / model are your speed & cadence sensors?

Do you know if they transmit only in ANT+, or are they capable of using Bluetooth LE? If they are BLE capable, you might try connecting them to your laptop using BLE instead of the ANT+ stick.