Ant+ keeps unpairing and pairing devices regularly

(D GJS) #1

My garmin picks all my sensors up perfectly however on zwift its the HR and speed sensor on back wheel that keeps unpairinf and pairing regularly.
Cadence sensor is ok though.
I cant see it being a case if moving the ant+ closer as laptop is right in front of me.
I have a macbook pro and garmin is up to date.
I am fed up paying for the service and cant enjoy training. It becomes stressful and makes me angry.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi there,

I’d honestly suggest it very well could be the distance as there is possibly interference between the ANT+ dongle plugged into your computer and your sensors.

Try using a USB extension cable to put the ANT+ dongle underneath the bottom bracket of your bicycle - it’s where we put all of ours in the office.

(D GJS) #3

Ok i have purchased one and will give it a go.
I thought with my garmin being next to the ant+ that would provide it with stronger readings

(Gerrie Delport) #4

Your Garmin, does not send any data it only read what the ANT+ unit sent it you can turn off your garmin while riding on ZWIFT.

Zwift can only use what you are sending it, if you have a bad ant+ dongle, interference or a bad extension cable then Zwift cant work.