ANT+ Problem Tonight

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #1

I had a problem at the beginning of tonight’s ride I haven’t seen before. I started Zwift like usual, all the sensors paired up no problem. I started riding and and just a few seconds into the ride I realized one of my speakers wasn’t working (not Zwift related) so I stopped, got off the bike, reset the speaker, hopped back on and started pedaling again. No responce. I clicked the sensors button on the “Pause” dialog and all the sensors showed up as “No Signal.” As a first response I unplugged my ANT+ dongle, waited for the “No ANT+” dialog to pop up, and plugged the stick back in. I immediately saw all the sensors pair up again so I dismissed the dialog and started pedaling again. My rider on-screen clipped in, took about 2 pedal strokes, and immediately clipped out and I got the Pause dialog back. I clicked the Sensors button again and this time I could actually see the sensors paired and I was getting HR, Power, and Cadence numbers showing up in the dialog. Still no movement for my on-screen avatar though. I ended up having to close and restart Zwift to get everything working again. After that it was a flawless ride.

(M Badertscher MGCC (B)) #2

I experienced a very similar issue in my first Zwift ride today. The sensors seemed to pair and then lost signal again. I tried a couple of times and it eventually worked. Luckily, I didn’t loose the signal throughout the workout.

(J P. Miller) #3

I did my first ride last night and experienced similar issues. Thoughout the 35 minute ride, the PM would gain and lose contact randomly, causing my avatar to slow down and stop until the connection was reestablished. I was not able to determine any cause on my end.

(Casey Schumm [X]) #4

For JP Miller. I had a similar issue last year with Trainer Road. My issue was solved with a USB extension where I could get the ANT+ stick much closer to the bike. Your’s sound more suspiciously like a reception issue then a program issue but I could be wrong.

Maybe for a ride or 2 get the PC as close as possible. Then try to go back to the normal distance and see if you have any changes in behavior based on distance.

(J P. Miller) #5

@Casey - Thanks for the input.

I found other threads talking about what you mention, so thanks for pointing me in what I hope is the right direction.

I am going to try and separate the WIFI dongle for my computer and the ant+ dongle using at least one USB extension cable. The computer and bike are right next to one another, but since both of the dongles are plugged into the computer, it seems like maybe interference might have something to do it.