ANT + problem after latest update

(Mark Schouten) #1

Hi there,


After the last update, Zwift keeps telling me that there’s no ANT+ dongle connected. I haven’t changed anything in the set-up of the bike, computer or sensors. I use a Suunto dongle, but don’t use the suunto software, it’s not even on my computer. I do have the Garmin software, but I’m sure it’s disabled. I also have an extra USB cable which places the dongle directy under my bike’s sensor. I’ve tried restarting Zwift, restarting the computer and changing USB ports but that doesn’t solve anything. So last night was an old fashioned Tacx-only training with a dull you-tube video. Please help!


Kind regards,


(Graham Goddard - Havering Tri) #2

I’ve got the same problem Mark - works fine for a couple of miles then all my kit drops and the Ant+ connection fails. No HRM, speedsensor or PowerBeam Pro. When I switch to Trainer Road, it’s all fine ? I Zwift but can’t use it :frowning: