Ant+ connection

Hi. I am running Zwift on windows10 using a Tacx flux. I have a tacx dongle extended to with 1ft of trainer. I am using Ant+ for trainer and HRM. I do not use any Bluetooth equipment nearby and switch all devices off. I still have awful connection dropouts regularly. Sometimes it’s only momentary sometimes it’s sustained for a few mins. I lose power and on sensor screen its shows no signal. Using Zwiftalizer it tells me I have multiple searches for devices. I believe it is unterference but its not my house as i have no wifi signal located near setup. Nor can i move setup elsewhere as apparently children need a room more then a grown adult who wants a pain cave. Any help or advice would be appreciated as I love Zwift and racing but I’m slowly losing sanity.

Try a diff cable.
Try a diff USB dongle.

You most likely do not have them conveniently available and rather than buying, perhaps ask a friend to borrow for testing.

Try a diff USB port.

Actually, this might be your best bet. Your computer/laptop might be going into power saving mode and cutting or reducing power to the USB dongle. Go into Device Manager and make sure to turn off any power management/reduction settings for the USB devices.

I’ve been having very similar - ANT+ devices (HR, PM, and turbo) all connect, and drop out, at an alarming rate…

I’d be happier if they simply never connected! But they connect, the HR has ‘no signal’, then PM has ‘no signal’, then they all drop out, then a few seconds/minutes/never reconnect again.

It’s making zwift unusable.

The thing is, it was fine (like, 100% fine) until 3 days ago! Has there been a zwift update?

I’ve tried:
new dongle
with and without 3m extension cable
different laptop!

I mean, the ANT+ dongle is RIGHT NEXT to the turbo, yet still drops out…

My garmin head unit (1m+ away from the ANT+ devices) is fine…super strong and stable connection. Never drops out.

Thus, the issue HAS to be the way Zwift interperets ANT+ signals via USB.

I mean, if interference was a thing, the Garmin would have similar issues, right…?!



No update in the last few weeks.