Ant+ connection

Hi. I am running Zwift on windows10 using a Tacx flux. I have a tacx dongle extended to with 1ft of trainer. I am using Ant+ for trainer and HRM. I do not use any Bluetooth equipment nearby and switch all devices off. I still have awful connection dropouts regularly. Sometimes it’s only momentary sometimes it’s sustained for a few mins. I lose power and on sensor screen its shows no signal. Using Zwiftalizer it tells me I have multiple searches for devices. I believe it is unterference but its not my house as i have no wifi signal located near setup. Nor can i move setup elsewhere as apparently children need a room more then a grown adult who wants a pain cave. Any help or advice would be appreciated as I love Zwift and racing but I’m slowly losing sanity.

Try a diff cable.
Try a diff USB dongle.

You most likely do not have them conveniently available and rather than buying, perhaps ask a friend to borrow for testing.

Try a diff USB port.

Actually, this might be your best bet. Your computer/laptop might be going into power saving mode and cutting or reducing power to the USB dongle. Go into Device Manager and make sure to turn off any power management/reduction settings for the USB devices.