Connection problem with Ant +

Looking for assistance on connection issues over the last two days.

Set up - Tacx Flux S, PC Windows 10, Ant +, with extension lead and Garmin HR Monitor (Ant +). All devices, up to date.

Using Ant + connection last 4 weeks after changing from bluetooth, no problems till yesterday when during a race lost connection after 30 mins. This morning had to go back to bluetooth and therefore had no HR, could not get Ant + connection.

Have checked HR monitor and devices with Zwift on Android and also with Tacx app and no issues. All work perfectly.

Seems to be a PC issue or the Ant + dongle, which is a garmin usb2. As I said no issue till yesterday. Is there any way to check if dongle broken?

Any suggestions would be great


Have you tried replacing the HR battery?

Just an idea…

Thanks for reply. Monitor fine, new enough battery. Monitor connecting to other devices. Such as Tacx and Garmin 910xt. Darren

What is that “extension lead”? Is it an active USB extension cable?

Please consider something like this.

My ANT+ problems went away once I switched.

Thanks again for suggestions. Yes active USB extension cable as recommended by Zwiftinsider. Don’t think that’s the problem. Also was able to check USB stick and it appears to be fine.

Try different USB slots. Make sure the USB slots work.

Do you have any other ant+ sensor that you can try to pair with the computer?

Try without the extension cable too.

Ben, thanks for response. Have checked different usb ports, all working.

Tries without extension cable same problem arises.


Sounds to me like the ANT+ dongle is bad, did water or sweat get dripped on it?

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Mike, thanks for response. Might just replace USB stick, as per Zwiftinsider recommendation to see if that is the problem.

Thanks Darren