Can't connect suddenly

Rode yesterday. No problem.Connected via Ant+. Zwift can’t find the power source. Tacx Vortex trainer is on and working. Logged out and tried again. No luck. Checked all the connections. Seems fine. Any ideas?

Could be any number of issues, first thing to rule out is signal interference. Did you move anything around in your environment after yesterday’s ride, anything changed?

I can see the green trainer light is on. So you mean the Ant connection itself? Nothing changed. My phone sees the Tacx trainer on bluetooth. Not sure where to look on my laptop. I use a Mac. Can you tell me what other things I can check for? I tried to go to the Tacx app on my phone but it wouldn’t load. Not sure if that signifies anything

yeah, sorry, I was referring to the ant signal.

I don’t have a Tacx and don’t use Mac, so probably not the best person to help. However, if your phone also can’t connect to the trainer, that is starting to sound like the trainer is the issue? Perhaps it would be worth contacting Garmin support too?

My phone can see the trainer. Good suggestion to contact Garmin support. Thanks very much for your help. I’ve been on This trainer for 5 years with Zwift with no problem so it’s odd. Worth checking

Does your mac have bluetooth? You could try that instead of ant. The ant dongle could have also gone bad, and are relatively inexpensive to try and rule that out. Do you use an extension USB cable with the ant dongle? Another item that could have failed, the extension cable. Try different USB ports on the mac too if you have others.