Tacx won’t pair via ANT

My connection dropped out first then it’s not pairing correctly. Using ANT it will find the Bushido as a power source but then doesn’t read its output. Will not locate my cadence sensor or controllable. Tested using Rouvy free, located the trainer fine, did not test ERG

What device are you running Zwift on?

A little run down on your setup would help us assist you in resolving the issue.

Pc windows 7 was using an ANT dongle. Was running flawlessly. Tried moving the computer tower closer, didn’t work, switched the router to channel 1 for less interference. That didn’t work either.

Did you try a different USB port on the PC?

Yeah did that

You could try uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling it, your Level, XP, Drops, and equipment are all saved on the server so you wont lose those.

Uninstalled reinstalled. Found sensors, started Zwifting, connection was broken. Came back after half an hour for a real session to find out it’s not reading my ANT dongle.

I stand corrected, that ANT dongle was junk. Able to sync now, only cadence reads. Looked at the logs but cannot make sense of them

Ya I would try a different ANT+ dongle if possible, maybe borrow one from someone.