Cadence and watts issues

Hi All,

Quick question, I’ve been using Zwift for a while now and of late when starting up, my cadence and watts sensor is read but no watt or cadence value is indicated at all. My ANT dongle registers both but the RPM and watts remain at zero.

Please help.


From far i have read, and correct me if i am wrong, ANT + spread a bit everywhere and catch every signal possible. Could it be linked and “paired” to another ANT+ device ?
Depending on your HTrainer, do you have a way to connect to Zwift companion in BLE and check if date are fine ? what does say you utility apps linked to your trainer ?
(more info about your trainer would help)

Hi there,

I am using TACX bushido and no, the ANT is not link to any other device.

Hope that helps.


D you have the possibily to test you Bushido with the IOS or ANDROID tacx apps ? (using the bluetooth of your phone and from your bushido ). And have you already tested your bushido with BLE instead of aNT+ in zwift ?
Anycase what is your BUSHIDO model exactly ?

I had this problem and fixed it, maybe the same will work for you?

So my poor internet connection kept jumping my phone out of home network and onto 4G.

You’ll see this when the companion app stops showing the map.

Your phone and laptop need to be on the same network for your laptop to talk to your sensors (unless it’s hardwired), so my laptop would lose connection and my zwift character would display 0RPM, 0Watts.

The fix is turn data off so 4G doesn’t kick in, there’s a quick button to do this with IOS, it’s the green icon (next to flight mode) when you swipe from top to bottom to bring the IOS quick menu up.

Before every ride I turn this off and since then it hasn’t happened / it resolved the problem.