0 watts


I’m using a Tacx Bushido smart trainer with a PowerBook running macOS 10.12/Sierra via ANT+ Dongle plus speed and cadence sensors. I keep going down to 0 watts every couple minutes but the heartrate and RPMs are okay. What’s wrong? I also have the feeling that the watts I get shown are too small (at least I hope so, haha …)



Hi Kay,

That sounds like possible ANT+ interference. How far away is the ANT+ dongle from the actual trainer itself?

The ANT+ stick is right in front of the bike/headtube.

I would recommend a USB extension to get the dongle as close to the trainer as possible, this will minimize Ant+ interference.

Drop your log file in to https://zwiftalizer.com/ and see if you have any ANT+ dropouts.

Experiencing the same problems, ANT+ now has a clean bill of health with the SNAP17, I have the logs from yesterdays ride and screen shots of the drops as I am riding, putting it down to Zwift because there are a hell of a lot of similar complaints in the facebook groups now, from people who have had the same setup for months and months.