Losing connection with Tacx Bushido smart

(Eltjo Keijer) #1

I´ve used my Zwift for three times with succes. Tonight there problems with the connection between Zwift and my tacx. if the connection is succesfull, i will start the ride and after a few meters until 500 meters…the connection is down again. My heart rate connection works most of the time good so i think there is a problem with the tacx. 

The software update of my Tacx is up to date and I´ve calibrated my Tacx succesfully again.

What can be wrong?

Kind regards,


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Eltjo,

Sounds like ANT+ signal interference. How far away is your ANT+ dongle from the Tacx trainer? And is there anything metal (like a fan or a chair) in between them?

(Paul Allen) #3

You could also try a USB hub to give the ANT+ dongle a little more power.

(click clark) #4

hi I have recently been experiencing a similar problem. my setup is Tacx Bushido smart , all updated and calibrated with a tacx dongle about 30cm from the trainer. it  has been fine until recently over the last two rides it has dropped out about 4 times and doesn’t reconnect unless I restart its a bit of a pain in workout mode messing up the session