losing conection

hi I have recently been experiencing a  problem. my setup is Tacx Bushido smart , all updated and calibrated with a tacx dongle about 30cm from the trainer. it has been fine until recently over the last two rides it has dropped out about 4 times and doesn’t reconnect unless I restart its a bit of a pain in workout mode messing up the session

Hi Click, 

Sorry to hear, this might’ve been caused by the update the good news is that you can probably fix it in few seconds. :slight_smile:

  1. Exit Zwift
  2. Unplug the Ant+ dongle
  3. Wait 10 seconds 
  4. Plug it back in
  5. Launch Zwift 
  6. Pair/Repair your trainer
  7. Ride On!

This should fix. Give it a try and please, let us know if it worked. 

Thank you!


If you keep losing connection, you might want to see if there are other machines running.

My washing machine was interfering with the connection (only when spinning). And I have heard of vacuum cleaners and electrical appliances doing the same…

Move your ANT+ much closer to the transmitter on your smart trainer, using a USB extension cable. This fixed all my dropouts immediately.

You might want to try using a USB hub.