Tacx Bushido losing connection

Using a new Tacx Bushido smart connected to Zwift via my Samsung phone.
When I calibrate the Bushido using the Utilty App all is fine. However once I connect to Zwift is when the problems start.
I manage to connect the device, however I need to continue pedalling whilst I setup my ride otherwise I have lost all connection by the time I go to ride. I then have to go back to then reconnect. Which sometimes takes a few minutes to pick up again.
Now I seem to be having issues where it’s dropping the connection during rides and then I can’t reconnect without literally ending the ride, closing the app and restarting. This can’t be right.
How are you supposed to line up for races/ group rides without losing your connection when you don’t pedal for a couple of seconds???
Anyone have same issues or any solutions to this as its really starting to ruin my Zwift experience

I Don’t have these issues but my Bushido is connected via ant+ and an extension lead. I’ve never used Bluetooth except when using the tacx app for calibration purposes but have read that ant+ is more reliable.

Thanks for the Reply Steve. Do you just turn the Bluetooth off to enable it to connect with Ant+? Also what do you mean by extension lead???
Sorry if it looks like I’m being solid!!!

Direct ANT+ is not available at this moment for Android devices.

Ahh right. Got ya. I knew the phone has ANT+ built in.
So am I better off trying the laptop with my Garmin ANT+ stick plugged in?

Yes, and what he was referring to is this: https://zwift.com/shop/product/usb-ant-extension-cable

Ahhh Paul that’s awesome. Many thanks. I’ll get one of these and hopefully that will square me away.
Cheers for your help

i am having constant problems with my Bushido. some days it works some days it loses connection constantly. I have an ANT sensor on a extension and had no problems with the Tacx software.