Tacx Bushido Smart T2780 (2015) issues

Have some old issues and got some new ones then i got my Bushido smart.

Pairing: have to choose smart trainer every time (garmin heart & cadens is automaticly choosen).

Connection: looses connection time to time with Bushido or garmin devices (cadems & heart), last ride got all ok but loosed the heart, they don’t seem to like each other.

Stability: Zwift freezes and some time it goes back on line some time it is lost and i got at parial upload, I have MacBoook Pro Retina 2014.

“often” the list of nerby riders goes empty, just the +XX riders is visible, for long times, some time it gets back, some time i get a partial upload.

Hey Mikael,

There’s a lot of issues here, so I’ve made a ticket for us to help you troubleshoot further. Thanks!

Last ride I got a extension cable (found that tip here on the forum) to get the Ant+ stick close to Bushido.
That ride everything work like a charm :slight_smile:
But I could not just start peddel to get the bushido to pair, have to click scan on the  upper left and two choices is there, just have to select it again, no big issue but little anoying

Yes, Zwift should have a little difference way of remembering the Bushido. Since it’s self powered. And need to be cycled be transmit. Hope Zwift has a way of doing this.


“We detected you are using Tacx Bushido last time you use Zwift”

“Peddle to check for connection or choose unpair to connect a new device”