Bushido Smart connection issue

(Darren Osmand) #1


I just got a new Bushido Smart 2780 and the Garmin Ant USB receiver.

Zwift picks up the power and cadence, but it does not detect the trainer at all (searches, but does not find it under ‘smart trainer’ for pairing).

Because it does pick up the cadence, power signals, I think my Ant USB stick is close enough - it is on an extension cable.

Any ideas?


(Darren Osmand) #2

I forgot to mention that I have also done the firmware update.

(Mark McGuire) #3

I have the same issue Darren, intermittent connections to auto resistance etc, sometimes it works, sometimes not, I have submitted a ticket query, will feedback if I get a response. Equally if you sort it could you post on here? Thanks 

(Matt Davidson (Timex Team)) #4

Did either of you get a response in regards to this issue?  I have had the same problems and I’m getting quite fed up with it.  I have resorted to using my Garmin 920xt (which is paired with my Quarq) on the Indoor Bike setting and then using the Zwift interface for the entertainment.  

Kinda makes buying an expensive Smart Trainer useless!

(Mark McGuire) #5

Hi Matt, after several attempts mine seems to be working ok now, it appears as a smart trainer for pairing, which then triggers the auto resistance. I was then having another issue which was that none of the drafting or symbols in the circle were appearing. I then noticed that the bushido unit was loose on the left hand side, think the wife knocked it with the hoover, clicked it back into place and all is well. That said I can’t say I notice any real change when drafting or using the power boost etc symbols when they appear. Hope you get sorted eventually!