Elite novo smart trainer problems

Hi everyone ,
New here so go easy :rofl:.

I’m on my zwift weeks free trial and Iv got a ELITE NOVO SMART TRAINER . I seem to be having issues with pretty much everything to be honest .
On my rides so far my average power is 95w. I seem to just be spinning my legs so fast to get up to 15/20mph. I can’t feel any change of resistance from the turbo trainer. Everyone is just zooming past me all the time .
I’m connected via Bluetooth to my windows laptop and connection seems fine. One problem is my garmin forerunner 235 watch won’t sync so I’m not getting any heart rate input at the moment. Will this have an impact of power and speed ?
I really like zwift so far out it’s annoying me that all the numbers seem so far out. Is it worth changing the turbo trainer ?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated . Sorry for going on I find it difficult to describe the problems Iv been having .
Thank you,


I recommend you get a USB ANT+ dongle and USB extension cable. Then pair via ANT+ and select the ANT+ FE-C options. I believe I saw somewhere that for whatever reason, that solves most of the problems with this particular trainer.

Out of interest, did this work?

Hey Lin, why the extension cable? Is it to bring the dongle as close as possible to the trainer?

I am asking because I have this specific trainer, and I keep loosing connection between my laptop (with ant+ dongle on it) and the trainer. I probably loose connection every 2-3 minutes so really annoying.


Yes. The cable will allow the dongle to be closer to the trainer in order to increase signal strength and reduce interference.

Yes, as @Nigel_Tufnel states, it is too get the dongle closer to the signal source and thus improve signal reception.