Elite Novo Smart not working!

Hi all,

I am very new to Zwift and literally only started using it last week or so. Every single time I have used it I have a mountain of issues which is quite frankly driving me insane to the point of where I am considering just sacking it all off and selling everything. I have already raised it with Zwift support but wondering if anyone else has any suggestions?

I am using my mountain bike fitted onto the Elite Novo Smart. The main issues I am having are:

  • No resistance changes up hill - it is super easy to pedal
  • Watt changes aren’t always accurate. I can stop pedalling or slow down significantly and it will still say I am pedalling at the same power
  • Sometimes the resistance will randomly change out of nowhere where it is almost impossible to pedal and I have to use that much force to pedal it feels like the tyre is slipping on the trainer - My tyre is inflated to the correct pressure and is not too loose or too tight on the trainer.
    *Cadence sensor is completely inaccurate. It will one second say I am doing like 23 rpm at 40 watts, and to achieve the 85rpm it wants I am pedalling like absolutely crazy and my feet are slipping off the pedals it is that fast.

It is a second hand trainer but was looked after well by a huge cyclist enthusiast, I have calibrated the trainer on the elite app, the resistance changes work perfectly on that. I have tried purchasing an ANT+ dongle and running it off my PC today on Windows 11( I have the correct drivers installed) still not working.

I have tried it with and without zwift companion connected, with or without bluetooth.

I’m at my wits end and I just don’t understand what I can do to get it working!

Thank you so much

Hi @Zoe_King

Welcome to the forum.

Few things:
Are you using a smooth trainer tire?
Do you connect as power source and controllable?
Are you sure the trainer is not paired to another device or internal to the PC?

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Hi Gerrie,

Thank you for your reply!

I haven’t managed to get a trainer tyre yet (I know, I definitely do need one and this probably doesn’t help the issue)

I am connecting as a power source and controllable, it appears as Elite FE-C on both as well as the cadence sensor

In regards to being connected to anything else, it isn’t as far as I’m aware (I’m not the greatest with tech but I can’t see it connected via bluetooth to my pc/phone/TV etc), unless there is somewhere I need to look?


This is good.

Go to see Bluetooth devices. And make sure the Trainer is not there,

My trainer doesn’t show up under bluetooth devices on my PC no, same for my phone, it only connects through the app itself.

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