Elite Novo Smart Trainer - Cadence issue

(James) #1


I have the Elite Novo Smart Trainer. I connect to Zwift via bluetooth to my Samsung phone, which is then casted to my TV. However while riding I notice that my cadence is all over the place. One minute I’m doing 1 RPM the next I’m doing 200 RPM! Pretty frustrating especially when I’m doing workouts.

Has anyone had the same issue, is this down to the way I’m connecting, via my phone? Or do I need to calibrate (if so how?)

Any help would be very much appreciated.


(John) #2

Hi James,

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing fluctuating cadence when you’re Zwifting with your Elite Trainer. You can find instructions for calibrating your Elite Trainer over Bluetooth here on Elite’s website. If you’re still experiencing these fluctuations after calibration, please submit a support ticket here and we’ll gladly assist you with further troubleshooting.