Elite Novo smart resistance issues

I’ve been using my Elite Novo Smart for a couple months, but last couple days there is something weird going on with interaction with zwift.

If i use the trainer with the elite app, it is applying resistance properly and recording decent and reasonable power output, but if i link in to zwift on the flat im getting super low watts and on the climbs ridiculously high power output despite the resistance and effort i’m putting in hardly changing.

I’ve tried various calibration attempts, repairing, changing p1, p2, p3 values on the trainer etc etc but nothing is working… cant use zwift as a result, just cant get a good work out now … any help?

I’m getting this, did you ever get a fix?

Nope no response

I ended up binning my elite novo and getting a watt bike… expensive alternative

Can still use the elite app with the turbo but no Zwift on it unfortunately