Elite Novo - watts doubling and no resitance uphill/downhill

I have been using my Elite Novo smart for 3 months and has worked perfectly. I did a long ride last Friday and again was great. Woke up and jumped on Saturday morning and my resistance is non existent, when going uphill/downhill my watts just increase.
I normally hold between 220 - 250 but at the moment I’m hitting over 500w and my legs just spin.
Im thinking with the updated happening last Friday has something changed? Ive logged a ticket with zwift but heard nothing as of yet.
If anyone has the same issue and knows how to fix please help

I have the same problem. Do you have the elite mytrainer app/program? I did the level test and I brought the level up to 16 with no resistance. Also I now hear a low buzz noise when resistance changes when riding… I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. Do you hear that too? Just got this train 2 weeks ago as well

I had an elite novo trainer. I downloaded the app to do the level test. I contacted elite who then emailed me (after about 5 days) there was a buzzing noise too which was never there previously. Elite got me to unscrew the black motor box at the back. I had to video it ( there is a gold motor looks a bit like a bullet) this should move when you power on your trainer. Ours didn’t. My mum videoed it while I was riding and nothing moved. We took ours back to Halfords and bought another. Unfortunately we had to buy the same make as everyone right now is buying them. We bought elite Qubo smart b. Fingers crossed it’s working perfectly. Send yours back, keep receipt for next one like us and if it happens again hopefully there will be more choice to buy a different brand

I have the elite novo smart brand. Which is the quibo smart B+ motor.

Do you use the elite mytrainer app? When you change resistance does it make a noise which is the magnet adjusting resistance?